ISBS Conference 2024

We are pleased to invite you to ISBS 2024 in Salzburg, Austria. Salzburg is a UNESCO world heritage site, the birthplace of Mozart, and situated in a beautiful alpine environment inviting to sport. The conference is hosted by the Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg 1km south of the city center. It will feature keynote lectures, applied sessions, and social events within a diverse conference program. We look forward to seeing you in Salzburg in July 2024!



We are delighted to host the 2024 International Society of Biomechanics in Sports Conference here in Salzburg, Austria. This conference brings together top minds and ideas in sports biomechanics to exchange, collaborate, and network in in a welcoming, rigorous, and inspiring environment.

Photo of Salzburg
Salzburg Cathedral


In addition to oral and poster research presentations, selected sports biomechanics topics are covered in-depth each year through special lectures. A special feature includes the Geoffrey Dyson lecture, presented by an outstanding scientist in sports biomechanics. For more information on this year’s speakers and their presentations, please visit the Speakers tab.


Papers can be submitted through the online portal. Information about papers (e.g., template) can be found under the Abstracts tab on this website.

Mountain view


Geoffrey Dyson Lecture

Portrait of Prof. Jacqueline A. Alderson PhD

Prof. Jacqueline A. Alderson PhD

Hans Gros Emerging Researcher Award

Ass.-Prof. Natsuki Sado PhD


Portrait of Prof. Sophia Nimphius PhD 

Prof. Sophia Nimphius PhD 

Portrait of Prof. Hans-Christer Holmberg

Prof. Hans-Christer Holmberg 

Portrait of PD Dr. Dr. Silvio Lorenzetti

PD Dr. Dr. Silvio Lorenzetti

Portrait of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Veit SENNER

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Veit SENNER 

Portrait of Prof. Darren Stefanyshyn PhD 

Prof. Darren Stefanyshyn PhD 

Portrait of Prof. Benedicte Vanwanseele

Prof. Benedicte Vanwanseele  


This conference will feature excellent extracurricular activities including applied workshops, organized tours, social sport opportunities, and an Austrian cultural evening. Please visit the Agenda tab for a complete list of events.



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Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences
Hellbrunnerstraße 34
5020 Salzburg

Salzburg and the University are fairly easy to access via diverse means of well-connected transportation.


The best way to travel to Salzburg depends on your origin. Salzburg does have a regional airport with connections to nearby airports- we recommend to check this possibility if available to you. 

If you are in continental Europe, train may be an good option- there are many frequent connections to cities as far away as Paris, Berlin, and Budapest.

If you are outside of Europe, flying into either Munich or Vienna and then taking the train to Salzburg could be an option too. There is a train station inside each of these two airports, and the ticket desk can easily help you to purchase a connecting ticket to Salzburg. You can also rent a car and drive to Salzburg (about 2 and 3 h from Munich and Vienna, respectively) 

Once in Salzburg, there are many options to arrive to your accommodation and the conference center, including bus, taxi, car rental, and bicycle. You can read more about these in local transportation.

Impressions of Salzburg

If you have further questions please contact us

Prof. Dr. Hermann Schwameder 
Dr. Jana Holder MSc.

Dr. Isabella Fessl MSc.
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