Scientific Program


Pre-conference workshops

Registration is required to attend any of the pre-conference workshops. Participation in the pre-conference workshops costs 70€ (for students) or 90€ (for full members) in addition to the conference registration.

Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM) by Todd C. Pataky and Mark A. Robinson.

Machine Learning by Marion Mundt and Sina David

Functional Data Analysis by Drew Harrison and Edward Gunning

ISBS Women Session

Detailed information and registration link can be found here:

Applied Sessions

Cycling with Qualisys

This applied session focuses on the intersection of human performance and technology in cycling, featuring insights from elite sports representatives, scientists and leading cycling manufacturers.
(Wolfgang Potthast and Josef Viellehner)

Return-to-Sport with Qualisys

Biomechanical application in the process of return to sports from different perspectives: biomechanists, athletes and sports physiotherapists
(Isabella Fessl and Markus Huthöfer)


Optimizing squat performance: unveiling compensatory strategies and tailoring training plans with musculoskeletal modeling
(Alexander Pürzel and Hans Kainz)

Breathing Pattern Biomechanics in Sport

The applied session will cover state-of-the-art research and applications of breathing pattern measurement during activity. This workshop features key international researchers and industry representatives sharing their expertise and latest findings regarding breathing in sport.
(Eric Harbour)

From Lab to Field: Prototypes in Sports Sensor Tech

The applied Session will highlight the progress and challenges in developing sensor-based prototypes for alpine skiing.
(Christoph Thorwartl and Michael Lasshofer)

Gymnastics and Acrobatic Sports: Coaching Biomechanics and Motor Control Interface

Bridging the gap between the underlying biomechanics that determine successful performance, and the provision of meaningful information for coaches has been the challenge for sports biomechanist’s for decades. This exciting, applied session brings together a global group of researchers who have, over their careers, been significantly involved in biomechanics research in Gymnastics and Acrobatic sports.
(Gareth Irwin)

Teaching Biomechanics

Research and Active Learning to Boost Mastery of Biomechanics: This applied session answers that question and illustrates the use of several active learning techniques to improve student mastery of biomechanics.
(Duane Knudson and Cheng Hsieh)